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Due to life changes we are sadly no longer raising Saanens.  It was a true joy to our family to own such a wonderful herd.  We miss them greatly!  


Jorama’s Saanen Dairy Goats is located in Montana’s scenic Swan Valley encircled by two breathtaking white-peaked mountain ranges known as the Mission Mountains and Swan Mountains. Being nestled at the foothill of 2.5 million acres of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area provides unparalleled experiences to view some of nature’s most exciting wildlife including deer, elk, bear, mountain lions, wolves, and more. And even though our curious Saanen goats would love to explore Montana like Lewis & Clark did back in 1805, they’re equally as content with play time in sheltered areas that were created for their enjoyment and safety. Moreover, our Saanens thrive on being loved, cared for, and handled by our family daily.

While raising Saanens provides our family with the opportunity to enjoy one of the sweetest of goat breeds, the foundation of our breeding program is to raise show quality stock with excellent milk production.  We take great pride in the care that we provide to our goats and we also practice strict CAE prevention methods, including testing our goats for annually CAE.  We’re pleased to report that our entire Saanen herd is CAE free!  Even so, kids are removed from their dam at birth and hand-raised to ensure a strong bond with our family.  Kids also receive tetanus, enterotoxemia and selenium shots.  Saanens are a special part of our family’s farm life, which also includes raising some of the world’s finest Gypsy Vanner and Paso Fino horses, Holland Lop show rabbits from legendary bloodlines, and beautiful standard cochins and amazing hybrid egg-layer chickens.  Feel free to visit our other farm links where you can learn more about our animals.

Thank you for visiting Jorama’s Saanens online, we hope you enjoy our site!

Kind Regards,
Rachel Selhost